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Reminds me of a time our German Shepherd did this - only it was with my make-up bag! Can you imagine the mess!!!

I'm actually allergic to cats but I don't give a crap and I pet them and play with them anyways.

The last one is definitely my friend when I showed her Gravity Falls a few months after it aired, she rejected it. But then a few months before Gravity Falls ended she likes watching it and is attached, like reALLY???<-- something similar happened with my ex friend who stole a piano piece from me.

Cute spring/easter craft to do with kids. This would be a great idea for a small herb garden in your kitchen

I'm Kaiden Cross, a 20 year old from Whites. I'm a caste 5 and I play piano for a living. I love pranking people (usually with my twin sister) and playing sports. I'm a goofy person; I love laughing and making people laugh. Introduce, if you want.

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