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Reminds me of home I so miss the winter sometimes I have not been back there during winter for so long guess thats why I miss it so much.

"With my hands Hidden under my cheeks I think about my day Today and yesterday." -Sigur Ros

Visual #BibleVerseoftheDay: Job 37:9b-10 with Trees Covered in Snow, Seymour Smith Park, Eastern Nebraska. “And out of the north comes the cold…” CLICK THE PHOTO for the complete passage. http://visualverse.thecreationspeaks.com/the-north/

Photo by Dusan Smetana Most western Nebraska turkeys are hybrids but are as capable of son­of­a​­bitchery as any Eastern. This one roosted in a fence­row just beyond our tent camp. Every morning, he pitched onto the prairie with his hens and stayed there all day, half a mile from any cover suitable for sitting and calling. He was driving us nuts.

Visual #BibleVerseoftheDay: Psalm 25:10 and Two Squirrels Scamper Across a Snow Covered Road, Douglas County Nebraska. “He leads the humble in justice, and He teaches the humble His way.…” CLICK THE PHOTO for the complete passage. http://visualverse.thecreationspeaks.com/humble-paths/

Visual #BibleVerseoftheDay: Psalm 147:16b, 17 and Trees Covered with Frost and Snow, Bellevue, Nebraska and. "He scatters the frost like ashes.…” CLICK THE PHOTO to be blessed with the complete passage. http://visualverse.thecreationspeaks.com/scatters-frost-like-ashes/

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