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Sprint commercial- White people in racial or cultural stereotype- Again in this commercial there is only one black person and he is in the back as if they put him there to be politically correct

Cheerios commercial- White people presented through a racial or cultural stereotype- A negative stereotype, we usually don't see a single parent home in white commercials.

White clothing ad- Understated prejudice/ stereotyping. This ad for white clothing is trying to depict what white people wear.

Pin 10- Writing on the wall, Race in the future. We will all be minorities in the future. The white man will not be the dominant race. Seeing different shades all over in public will help minorities not feel so isolated.

Call of Duty commercial- Negative stereotype- The game is called "Black Ops" possibly referring to black people. The people in the commercial are of both races but they are shooting the bad guys and there is a lot of violence. Possibly a subtle was of stereotyping black culture.

Red House Furniture commercial- Positive stereotype- This commercial cracked me up. They present black and white people working together and buying furniture at the Red House. Blacks and whites are shown hugging, shaking hands, greeting each other and introducing themselves and what they like to do. They accept all people- black, white, Hispanic.

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