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Butter beans and black pepper and coriander duck confit do make fast friends!

Corn and red pepper crepe stuffed with duck confi , mint and green onion slaw, and corn mascarpone a la michael symon.

Harold Dieterle's hearts of palm, mango, macadamia nut, butter lettuce salad.

Confit duck, Peking style. Homemade wrapper.

Sous vide duck with with madeira port & orange blossom reduction & cote de rhone and calvados braised miniature crimson gold apples (Gordon Ramsey inspired). 1e shallot & garlic, olive oil, 2:3 port: madeira, veal stock, orange blossom water, pinch of sugar, fresh thyme, bay leaf, butter. After apples were done, added apples and liquid to the sauce, juice from duck bag.

Easy warm duck confit. Marinade duck legs 24 hrs with salt, pepper, dried thyme, crushed bay leaves.Pan sear legs skin side down med for 20 min to render 1/4" fat out Flip, cover with foil, roast 325 2 hrs Remove foil, roast 1 hr until skin gets crispy Cook skin side down 20 min 325.

Fireplace roasted duck - before.

For a special dinner, try Hung's winning sous vide duck with truffle scented wild mushroom broth (morel, eryngii, forgot last one) and seared foie gras, improved with duck crackling and maldon sea salt. See recipe at:

Coriander-scented roasted duck breast with crispy skin wading in a dreamy pool of huckleberry gastrique and topped with arugula microgreens. Enjoy the rest of the Cristom 2008 PInot Noir, Willamette Valley.

Sous vide duck & huckleberry thyme cassis sauce.