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This week we were wax carving, this is my ring all ready to be cast in silver next week...I love wax it's so fun to work with and the possibilities seem endless.

This week we have been studying enameling, these are my sample pieces demonstrating various kiln fired enamel favourite is the domed sample.

Flush set purple CZ's, flush setting has up til now been my nemesis so I am delighted to have managed to set 5 stones even if they are not perfect.....guess what more practise required here too!

This weeks project was to design and fabricate a sterling silver domed pendant featuring a pierced design. My 'Tree in Winter' pendant features reticulation and is designed to be worn either way. I love reticulation it creates a stunning texture and the element of fear in it's creation adds excitement into fabrication!

Texturing & Polishing.....learning to use the big polishing wheels and playing with hammered, satin and transferred texture. The transferred texture was created by rolling the copper through a mill wrapped in a piece of lace.

Chain making continued, this week we turned our round link copper chains into curb chain and created an S-shaped clasp. An exercise is seeing how good your solder joins are as you stretch and twist the chain to create the 'curb' effect!

Technical exercises in piercing, drilling, measuring and soldering, working in copper, brass and nickle silver.