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ALRIGHT, GRAVITY FALLS FANS. i already feel that dipper is going to grow more bitter after mabel betrayed him for trusting grunkle stan over him. the sibling relationship that was absolutely adorable will fall. THE MYSTERY TWINS MIGHT FALL...

STEVE I LOVE YOU. <---- WE SUPPORT YOU STEVE. In other news, does anyone know which episode this is from??? <-- #SAVETHISPENGUINNAMEDSTEVEFROMASHOWIHAVENEVERWATCHED

As I slumber Id and Ego must be bound. For if they were free, my nightmare would get out and skulk around. It could grotesque or surprisingly mild. Either way it tries to grab and devour my Inner Child. Why they do this I just don't know. Perhaps it would not happen if I possessed an older Soul.

Tracey A Wood's - The Author's Blog - Blog spot: Dealing with the Viscount by Clair Brett - Release...

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