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Dr gayes super porridge. Great "bananish" flavor and taste. Works perfect with yoghurt :)

dr gayes super spoonful sounds yummy (well, almost anyways) and healthy too...but pricey.

Tinnitool unboxed! Tinnitool Earlaser uses low level therapy to alleviate and treat the symptoms. Check my review for more info on how it works, clinical data, best price, personal experiences etc #tinnitus

This kale & squash bone broth soup thickened with avocado is a great way to get your protein and good fats without consuming any muscle meat. Enjoy!

unboxing of Witouch the revolutionary wireless tens massager for back pain. Try it today and say good bye to your back pain for ever!

witouch is extremely effective in alleviating back pain. Fast and long lasting pain relief!

These are the cleaning tabs that come when you order Therasnore. Click the image to read a honest review about the product and how it works. Give Therasnore a try and you and your family could soon be enjoying a peaceful, full night’s sleep without snoring and apnoea.

Dr gaye, creator of the all natural, unprocessed "Gaye blends". These blends are suitable for diets like Paleo, Keto, raw, 5:2, Bullet Proof, and alkaline. Check my review in the link for more info.

Nutriplex plus, ingredients explanation