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The Visor: Stealth Hoodie -Face Guard Hood with Clear Vision | Avidunion

Without looking into whether or not those claims are actually met, in general the direction both Professor Isao Echizen and Harvey have taken stealth wear in, is an impractical, futurist hot mess. In actuality the best stealth wear should be designed to blend in with normal ready to wear collections, making it impossible to pick out of the crowd with the naked eye, otherwise the clothing will draw far too much attention from the Barney Fief’s and obedient sheeple of the world. #truth

A Bathing Ape x Mark McNairy 1st Camo Canvas Saddle Shoes

A Bathing Ape x Mark McNairy Camo Canvas Saddle Shoes: Following up on last year's highly successful first collaboration collection, Mark McNairy once again lends his talents to another pair of shoes made...

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The Italian Gov. going after Dolce and Gabbana, only makes me want to fill my wardrobe with them. #standwithDG #truth

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