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Please don't buy products with palm oil in the ingredients. These orangutans and their habitat are being wiped out by folks who want their palm oil trees for commercial production, not to keep these noble animals alive!

Did my 2nd year Evolution project on the language and communication in primates, focussing mainly on Chimps at the Bloemfontein zoo, Charlie (who sadly passed away shortly after the project), and Judy.

Young gorilla mum N´Gayla with her twin babies, Burgers zoo NetherlandsIMG_1112 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Dear Santa, Remember all those years I asked for a puppy? I take it back. May I instead have a smiling baby orangutan that wears overalls?

the bonobo, our closest relative. they don't solve issues with violence like us and the chimpanzee; rather they just trade intercourse.