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Blue Kyanite is magical! It is a small crystal with tremendous healing power. It is a stone of balance. It can help with muscular problems and to bring the back into alignment. It is a natural pain reliever. It also has healing benefits for the thyroid, the throat, and the urogenital system. It helps to lower blood pressure, heals infections, and releases excess weight.

Luna Blue's Silver Filigree Crystal Energy Wand - Sea Blue Labradorite, Ice Water Clear Quartz & Baby Blue Swarovski Crystals

I like this set of rocks because it links well to the theme of nature and also presents some interesting colours that i originally would not of thought to lose

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AQUA AURA QUARTZ Crystal Points 12g Bag / Aura Quartz Loose Gemstone / Energy Healing, Reiki Crystal, Wicca Crystal

Aqua Aura Quartz brings strong healing energies that help to cleanse, repair and heal your aura. When you meditate with it, or have it in your space, you will immediately feel calmer and more at peace. #crystals