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Higgs and Englert Win Physics Nobel Prize

Primed goes in-depth on the technobabble you hear on Engadget every day -- we dig deep into each topic's history and how it benefits our lives. You can follow t...

Quantum Theory - Full Documentary HD - YouTube [Quantum Technology:]

Protons collide with lead ions in the ALICE dectector in the first LHC physics beams of 2013 (CERN)

Images of Big Bang experiments inside particle accelerators at CERN

Meet the only detectable traces of the most exotic particles in the universe currently known to science - courtesy of CERN, Hadron collider the 16 mile-long ring that is the world's largest particle accelerator, located in Geneva, Switzerland

Simulation of Higgs Boson Production

Streamer chamber photo of a pion-muon-electron (pi-mu-e) decay chain resulting from an antiproton annihilation. The antiproton enters from the bottom of the picture & annihilates with a proton in neon gas filling the chamber; their energy materialises as 3 nuclear fragments (thick tracks) & several pions (less dense tracks). One positive pion curls tightly to the right in the chamber’s magnetic field before decaying to a muon; the muon forms the spiral at top before decaying to a positron…