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Explore Ramsey Island, Oystercatcher and more!

One of the many oystercatchers spotted on Ramsey Island this week

Ramsey Island

Viewing points are rife on the Island, great for taking photos.

Ramsey Island

Dewi is Ramsey Islands sheepdog. Here he is drying off, after a hard days work.

Manx Shearwater are very popular here in Pembrokeshire, however that hasn't always been the case. In 1998, the population on Ramsey Island was just 850 pairs but in 2012 that figure had leapt to 3,800 pairs. To find out more visit:…/2015/06/17/manx-shearwater-surveys…

Ramsey Island

Lots of bee's on Ramsey island :)

A couple of Fulmar Petrels spotted on Ramsey Island recently! Fulmars defend their nests by regurgitating a foul smelling oil at the intruder which is waterproof and difficult to remove from fur or feathers