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Sandra Bullock:The leading star of Miss Congeniality and Miss congeniality 2:armed and fabolous..!!


Perfect for those of us who talk in tv and film quotes. Nothing like being behind the scenes of your own story.

Marvel's movie masterplan extends to 2028, says president

The full-length trailer for 'The Avengers' featured almost everything -- 'Inception' horns, 'Transformers' worm robots, and, y'know, the Avengers. What was missing? Well, dialogue from Jeremy Renner and Cobie Smulders, for starters. Thankfully, that sligh

Tumblr - Well, that escalated quickly. <- um, hello? This is tumblr. Of course it did. Either way, I'm going to start saying this.

Mummy did say she would be "Absolutley murderous" if she found out who shot Sherlock. I bet Mycroft would train her to shoot.

because the dog dug up the ground a little bit and pulled her arm up a little bit