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Delicious patty burger made of black beans, vegetables and coriander, with truffle mayo, cheese and bread bun, with a spring salad on the side!

10 Insane Asian Pizzas

Shrimp and Mayo Roll Crust (Pizza Hut, Japan) | Pizza Hut's Shrimp and Mayo Crust Roll is similar to its Whole Shrimp Cheese Bite except it uses shrimp nuggets instead of whole shrimp and is injected with mayonnaise instead of surrounded by gooey cheese. Think pigs in a blanket reimagined as cheese-oozing shrimp nubs in a blanket.

Discovering Asia. A mushroom and rice noodle soup with peppers, ginger, soy beans and lime.

The Thinking Hut aspires to become a creative network for those working at the space, their friends, and colleagues.

For those who never were here at The Thinking Hut, the space has been designed with the main purpose of facilitating connections and communication through a light and bright open space, transparent meeting rooms, modular furniture and large tables.

The Thinking Hut is focusing on building a functional space and flourishing community of coaches, trainers and counsellors together of course with our community of freelancers, startups and remote employees.

The Thinking Hut won’t receive funds at all and will be rented out to creative people to make it completely self-financed.

This is exactly what a co-working space is meant for and what they aim at: building a community of professionals that can work with their own clients and projects but also communicate, share and create something new together just by sharing a lunch break, a coffee or a drink.