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pot melt glass Create unique glass art using tested-compatible glass melted in a flower pot in the kiln. This process heats scrap glass to 1,650˚ F, allowing it to flow onto the kiln shelf, forming a "puddle" of multi-colored glass. Cut and grind this unique glass into a shape that is then re-fused into a final finished art piece.

Harrach Glass: Pot melt project with flower pots use tiny craft store flower pots to make a perfect single pot melt pendent

A pot melt, or aperture pour, is made in a glass kiln by filling a terracotta flower pot with small pieces of coloured glass and fired to a temperature high enough to turn the glass molten. It then drips through a hole or holes in the bottom of the pot into a crucible on the kiln shelf below

Art Glass Bowls, Sculpture, and More | Artful Home, rainbow colors. Please also visit for colorful inspirational Prophetic Art and stories. Thank you so much. Blessings!

Hyper Realistic Ocean Wave Vases

Застывший океан в удивительных работах дуэта Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker