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down she came and found a boat beneath a willow left afloat, and round about the prow she wrote "the lady of Shalott'

Aoife - There are several legendary Celtic warrior queens named Aoife who may or may not be the same. They are all known for manipulating powerful men with their beauty. One was the archenemy of the Queen of Skye, Scathach. She bargained with Cuchulainn to let her live in exchange for bearing him a son, then later arranged for him to unknowingly battle and kill his child. Another is the second wife of Lir, who in a jealous rage turned his sons into swans and threatened to kill his…

Morgana Le Fay portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter...This is why I have no interest in watching BBC's "Merlin"

morgan le fay king arthur - Bing Images - Morganna and Arthur of The Silurian? Dark haired, yes, I like this image.

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