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That person you once loved

If You Can Love The Wrong Person That Much, Imagine How Much You Can Love The Right One

If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.

“When you make dua it is a sign that Allah loves you and has intended good for you.” — Ibn al Qayyim

She's got the eyes of innocence; the face of an angel, a personality of a dreamer a smile that hides more pain than you can ever imagine.

"We're not alone in this. Every type of loving relationship deals with this shit. It's natural to take advantage and take for granted of the ones we love most. We have to recognize it and make sure we don't do it. Although it's a subconscious thing. I don't think there is control. The best we can do is make sure to make an effort to tell others we appreciate them."

Everything Happens For a Reason - usually it's a person's bad choices but sadly they don't seem to realize they should only blame themselves

a lot of us may had this opportunity, but everyone has not. i have...i am a very fortunate person. sometimes you need that eye-opener. even when something is really bad - it doesn't mean it can't be fixed. never give up. #words #important #nevergiveup