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There is a growing popularity in 3D printed concrete forms in recent years, which has many people waiting for an age of 3D printed houses and buildings, as well as other indoor and outdoor structures. Impremere AG is one company who is developing their own methods for printing in concrete.Imperemere AG was founded in 2015,

Gallery of AA School of Architecture Designs Adaptable Structural Plastic 3D Printing Method - 1

AA School of Architecture Designs Adaptable Structural Plastic 3D Printing Method,Courtesy of The AA School of Architecture

Electroloom - the world's first 3D fabric printer (even if i dont consider it 3d printer)- launches on Kickstarter | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News #PutITon

Here at Lamp, we believe in the power of building green. Healthier buildings can lead to happier people and a healthier environment.

An enormous, basket-shaped building needs a new owner.

83-Year-Old Inventor Designs Inexpensive Open-Source Filament Extruder to Cut the Cost of 3D Printing

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New nano tech to cool down buildings

SO COOL! --- Nanotechnology for Encapsulation of Phase Change Material (NPCM) that can bring down room temperature in buildings, thus minimising the use of air-conditioning or heating systems, and saving electricity bill.

At Lamp, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage multi-million dollar building projects, keeping them on time, within budget, and with designated quality standards.

Can we beat mother nature at materials design?

Future nature-inspired techniques include advanced additive manufacturing (for example, 3D printing) and casting.

"If every road in the U.S. was made of solar panels, we could produce three times more energy than we use as a country."