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How to Decorate a topsy turvey cake video tutorial | When decorating a Topsy Turvy cake (sometimes spelt Topsy Turvey) or a Mad Hatter style cake, the stacking, layering & carving (cutting) can be hard to figure out.

How to Tilt cardboard to make a topsy turvy cake

In this tutorial, we learn how to tilt cardboard to make a topsy turvy cake. To do this, you will need two Styrofoam wedges. Take the wedges and place foil over them. Next, you will take the wedges and place them onto the top of the base of the cake where the other cake tier will sit. You can hold these into place with nails if you are making a non-edible cake that is sitting on display. This will make it much easier for you to make a cake that has a topsy turvy look instead of just sitting…

Spooky Topsy Turvy - This topsy turvy cake was created using the tutorial by Sharon Z from SugarEd Productions. This method uses wedges. This was created for a young lady who loves having a spooky birthday celebration

~ Sugar Teachers ~ Cake Decorating and Sugar Art Tutorials: Graduation Wedge Cake by Sharon Zambito