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Welcoming scenes by local Resistance fighters such as these waving German 98k Karabiner rifles greet the Allies on their advance through France.

Photo de l\'agent de liaison, Mimi, des FFI de l\'Ain, 1944..Not all Active Forces wore Uniforms - French (and German) Resistance bravely fought the war on home ground - If caught it was instant execution - no treaty protected them if caught. Agents from the Allied Forces were also involved in this dangerous battle....

Two Polish soldiers, father and his son, walking down the street during the Warsaw Uprising, Warecka Street, Warsaw, Poland, August 1944

Cretans attacking 3 Germans battle of Crete 1941. Island of the brave. 8000 German paratroopers dropped on a tiny island and the Greek resistance with little help from British killed more then half the troops as they were coming down. The Greeks would stab them with pitchforks and steal their weapons. Fields of blood ran.