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Achilles sacrificing to Zeus, from the Abrosian Iliad manuscript, probably made in Constantinople between 493 and 508 AD.

A reading list of Roman classics

Are you familiar with these classic works of Roman literature? (Image: Heading image: Roman Virgil Folio. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.)

***Noé liberando a los animales del arca. Mosaico del nártex de la Basílica de San Marcos de Venecia, S.XIII.

RomanVirgilFolio163r - Vergilius Romanus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Vienna Genesis (Vienna, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, cod. theol. gr. 31) is an illuminated manuscript, probably produced in Syria in the first half of the 6th century. It is the oldest well-preserved, surviving, illustrated biblical codex.

Vergilius Vaticanus, Vatican Library, Cod. Vat. lat. 3225. Folio 22 recto About 400. One of the oldest and best preserved extant manuscripts of Virgil. This miniature shows the flight of Aeneas from Troy.It is one of the oldest surviving sources for the text of the Aeneid and is the oldest and one of only three illustrated manuscripts of classical literature. The two other surviving illustrated manuscripts of classical literature are the Vergilius Romanus and the Ambrosian Iliad.

A very early medieval illustration of Aeneas at Dido's feast.

Clotho. The MOERAE: Atropus, Lachesis, and Clotho. Fresques 135-140 après J.-C., Ostia Antica, réserves du Musée. 5822: La parque Atropos, déroulant un volumen. 5821: La parque Lachésis tenant la balance. 5820: La parque Clothô avec la quenouille et le fuseau.