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pobrecitaprincesa: “ Not sure what kind of mood board I was tagged for by my leo sis @metalgf, but this is a deep visual representation of my mood ”

These aren’t the droids you’ve been looking for….but it is ace Stormtrooper nail art! Pedge your alligence to the dark side with this nail art from a galaxy far far away. What You'll Need Black nail polish White nail polish Clear nail polish Purple glitter nail polish Silver glitter nail polish Paintbrush

The Green Man, also known as Jack of the Green or the Oak King - The blending of human face and foliage the Green Man is a traditional form that represents irrepressible life, with the forces of nature merging with humanity. The Green Man can be found on many gothic churches and castles throughout the world.

The Hohlwen are fallen angels that are made of darkness and must live off the life force and magic of others - Zyne witches are their favorite meal. More

Cissa is forced to raid a bank. That time she doesn't get to wake up full of guilt but far away from the demon that possesses her. That time she wakes up on the table he torture's his victims on.

Reapers usually appear as humans. But they can also be ephemeral forces of nature or spirits manipulating odds and whispering suggestions in the minds of civilizations.

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