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Honeyed Anzac Biscuits (adapted slightly from a recipe by Matthew Evans, Delicious Magazine, February 2011)Makes approximately 2 dozenI like my Anzac biscuits soft and chewy so I leave them in the oven for just 11 minutes. They will very soft to touch when you pull them out but don’t doubt yourself – take them out. They’ll cool into perfect chewy squidgyness. I also don’t flatten my biscuits as I put them on the baking tray. I simply roll them into balls and leave them as is. This creates a…

Caramel Bundt Cake

Caramel Bundt Cake. If there’s one thing I feel very little confidence in making, it’s caramel. Quite a shame, actually, because caramel is pretty awesome. As you can now imagine, I don’t make a lot of traditional caramel cakes.

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River cottage oatcakes. So easy to make these tasty little cakes, forgot to flip them in the oven, so a little more moist than expected. Tasty and wholesome bite, I added a little fresh grated Parmesan and a generous handful of ground mixed dried seeds.