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It's high time we took anorexia seriously as a mental health condition

“Anorexia is not a silly teenage girl disease; it’s a mental health condition that needs to be taken seriously- I should know”

10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier

Happy people live minimally, tell the truth, never make excuses, take time to listen, don’t hold grudges, speak well of others, choose friends wisely, establish personal control, dream big, see problems as challenges, nurture social relationships, avoid social comparisons, treat everyone with kindness, exercise, don’t sweat the small stuff, accept what can not be changed, meditate, avoid seeking approval from others, express gratitude for what they already have, eat well, wake up at the…

Anorexia Stories Can Save a Life: Important Anorexia Facts And Experiences - - #Anorexia #Anorexia Stories #AnorexiaFacts #HealthyPlace

What The Mirror Tells Me in Eating Disorder Recovery | Bulimia was a burden on my shoulders for years. Choosing recovery means gaining and maintaining weight in a healthy way, with the mirror staring back at me all along.

Why I Deserved to Recover From Anorexia

Eating disorder recovery Quotes - November #anorexia #recovery #anorexiavideo