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Allison C. on

YUM!! RT @seek_satiation: @Mike Cabot Cheese - Mac & Cheese Sauce recipe!

Chunky Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal - as seen on Seek Satiation!

TheTwilight Zone" To seek the edge is not to seek death, it is merely the satiation of wonder" Not in the felling of being of being engulfed by fear or a dismal plunder, but of peaking into another realm..... Sometimes you have to be reminded you have a choice in witch realm you desire to reside when you lose your way. Once you look, you know easily that to walk away is to continue to fight, and to stay, well, that is to die....It is physics" and you make a choice.

Autumn is in full swing, with crisper mornings, darker evenings, and the near-daily HELL I face while trying to match the perfect pair of skinny pants with coordinating ankle boots. (The WORST, ami...