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The 15 Hardest "Would You Rather" Questions You Will Ever Be Asked

#inspiringthoughts St. Augustine The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself. #inspirational

Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person?

The world can be split into two kinds of people: Cat People and Dog People - but which kind are you? Take the quiz to find out!

Which Disney Princess Hairstyle Should You Try Next?

12 Times Marie From 'The Aristocats' Was Your Spirit Animal

Anonymous said: Berlioz your blue eyes are so beautiful like sapphires in blue. Answer: Berlioz: “Gee thanks, grey face!” *smiles* Marie: “Ahem… my eyes are sapphire blue to.”

What's your plant personality

I'm an ENS--Echinacea Nettle Slippery Elm. Caring, loyal, and determined to speak up. What's your plant personality? #herbnerd

What's your plant personality

I'm a GPS--Ginger Passionflower Slippery Elm. Friendly, idealistic, and determined to speak up. What's your plant personality? #herbnerd

7 Types of Proteins and Their Functions

Proteins are very important molecules in our cells. They are involved in virtually all cell functions. Each protein within the body has a specific function. Some proteins are involved in structural support, while others are involved in bodily movement, or in defense against germs. Proteins vary in structure as well as function. They are constructed from a set of 20 amino acids and have distinct three-dimensional shapes.

Find Your Inner Animal! PLEASE TAKE QUIZ! - Care2 News Network... It's fun! Here's the link: