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Supermoons are, well, super. When conditions are right, they dominate the night sky and give us all an opportunity to pretend like we're world-class photographers.

From mid-northern latitudes, the constellation Aquarius and the bright star Fomalhaut - with the star Skat (Delta Aquarii) above it - rise into the southeast sky by around midnight in late July and early August

This infernal exoplanet might be where hell resides in our galaxy

55 Cancri E an exoplanet. Half the planet is covered in a red-hot magma ocean, while the other half experiences perpetual night.

Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

Amazing Pictures - Nature and Space - Image of the Day - visualization of the guts of an exploding supermassive star (computer model)

This is last night's moon by D R Keck May 12, 2014 - halos are a sign of thin cirrus clouds and a sign of nearby storms.

Photo highlights of the day: explosions in Tianjin and migrating sardines

<strong>Crissolo, Italy<br></strong>A photographer prepares to take pictures of the annual Perseid meteor shower in the Monviso Alps.