Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas the manhunt for a California man who allegedly kidnapped a 16-year-old girl after killing her mother — and possibly her younger brother — was expanded Thursday as far north as Washington state, a friend of the teen claimed the girl was “creeped out” by a crush the suspect had on her. The friend of Hannah Anderson, the missing teen, said James Lee .....Read more


maya47000: Love Story by Vitaly Tkach - katt rådyr

MINOR TELEPORTER ACCIDENT. For all my Trekkies. :P ^no, for all Artemis Fowl fans. Holly Short, Artemis, have a bad day?

The Enchanted Cove

Lavendertail, she cat, 13 moons old. She is a little feisty, sassy, bold, resourceful, and trustworthy. She sometimes gossips with the other cats and knows just about everything that goes on and is usually one of the first to know. No mate or kits.(me)

The cutest friendship... this is crazy. my kitty had a stuffed duck and would carry it around and snuggle with it like this. before he passed he hid it. was so awesome finding it :)