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Himba Woman, Namibia, Southern Africa

Animal photos of the week: 27 September 2013

11 month old Pangolin photographed in Namibia. Animal photos of the week: 27 September 2013 - Telegraph

Gotcha! Terrifying shot of leopard captured mid pounce

6 African National Parks to Visit Before You Die

The best-known countries for African Safaris are Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Get ready for the best African safari experience at any one of the following national parks.

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CALCITE with DUFTITE Tsumeb A classic Tsumeb formation of slightly smoky coloured Calcite included by Duftite. Crystals of rhombic Calcite are sharply formed measuring to 3.6cm on edge, in a part parallel growth habit. Mid-green Duftite has been deposited over much of the display face of the specimen, which in-turn has been covered in a thin veneer of colourless Calcite. Spotted over the Calcite crystals are spherulites of green Malachite.

Indigenous Bushman/San girl embraced by grandmother , Namibia (Image...

Namibia--these faces remind me that the world's original people came from this region and the great migration started here. Look at the girl's face--she has something from every region of the world in her features.

Africa | Mbalantu women entering the ohango initiation ceremony; just before the ceremony their long sinew strands were converted into 2 or 4 thick plaits, known as eembuvi. Sometimes small ornaments, which were adorned with white porcelain beads, were attached above the forehead at the base of the plaits. | The Mbalantu live in the extreme northern parts of the Omusati Region and part of their tribal area extends into southern Angola. | Photo: CHL Hahn, Collection Antje Otto