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Northern Ontario lakes are often deep and dark, and stay cold even in the heat of Summer (photo: Dave Melnychuk)

Wherever you go up north, there seems to be a marsh or swamp nearby (photo: Dave Melnychuk)

The road at the end of the street my grandparents lived on, leading into the woods and beyond to the Spanish River and Duplessi farm (photo: Dave Melnychuk)

This is how a day typically starts up north, if you get up in time (photo: Dave Melnychuk)

The town of Espanola's cemetery, with many of my relatives' tombstones in the middle distance (photo: Dave Melnychuk)

Friends of mine facing inland to North Bay on the shore of Lake Nipissing (photo: Dave Melnychuk)

Looking east on Fourth / Polojko St. across the Espanola train tracks, to the end where my grandparents lived (photo: Dave Melnychuk)