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In January 1996, Jeffrey Wood and Daniel Reneau carried out a plan they both made to rob a convenience store in Kerrville. Wood sat in the vehicle outside the store while Reneau went inside to steal the store safe. When the clerk failed to give up the safe, Reneau fatally shot him. After hearing the shot, Wood went into the convenience store and helped Reneau to remove the safe and security camera footage.<br />

Nearly 10 years after two Buffalo residents were exonerated of crimes they did not commit, but for which they served decades in prison, New York State lawmakers remain indifferent to the problem of wrongful conviction. It’s a dereliction of duty and a moral crime against the people of the state, those who remain wrongfully imprisoned and those other innocents who…

Wrongful Convictions and Horrible Jails Are a Bad Mix

How many innocent Americans can we accept putting into squalid prisons?

What Makes a Good Prosecutor go Bad?

Prosecuting attorneys are hired to represent the state in the effort to convict those who commit criminal acts, however, sometimes the lines of ethics and responsibility are crossed.

Kay Lincoln on

Justice delayed is justice denied! Stop #WrongfulConviction #FreeRodneyLincoln

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Wrongfully Convicted