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Japanese Snowbell (Styrax japonicus) A small and graceful tree with glossy leaves that turn red and yellow in autumn. Covered in bell-shaped white flowers in midsummer which hand beneath the branches. Suitable for woodland garden or a shrub border in dappled shade.shelter from cold, drying winds. Prune only to remover badly placed branches in winter.

Rubra. This Japanese blood grass begins life a lush shade of green before growing blood like tips in the Autumn.

Chimonanthus praecox. 'Wintersweet' is an appropriate common name, as the flowers appear all winter, and are renowned for their fragrance. It is best grown on a warm sheltered wall in full sun, behind other plants which provide later colour over once the wintersweet has finished flowering.

Sambucus Black Lace. A shrub with similar leaves to a Japanese Maple, but that tolerates partial shade. Can be pruned back hard in the fall or left to grow to 8-10 ft.

Ventnor Botanical Gardens

Ventnor Botanic Garden, UK...AMAZING...but don't think I'd swim in it what ya gonna do if an alligator comes along...jump on a lily pad?...and sink

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