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these bands helped me through everything. ill always be more than just a fan. just like they'll always be more than just a band

"When a god tells you to do something, you do it." He spits out, angry. "So if Hades tells me to kill myself I do it?" I say, "you knew I wouldn't be able to stand it there. I'm not safe anywhere so just /leave/." I say. I made a point. He leaves.

"Numb" by Linkin Park really hit me hard when I was doing revision on DOLPHIN GIRL and I blogged about the freakiness of the video.

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Arctic monkeys, nirvana, ac/dc, the beatles, babymetal, neon trees, linkin park, rolling stones, queen, fall out boy, my chemical romance!

I put my trust in you.. pushed as far as I can go ..for all this there's only 1 thing you should know..

In the end all that matters is what happens now we will need to move on from this point and if everything works out from here then it actually may be okay ❤️