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Fox News tried to push their Benghazi lies during an interview with Hillary Clinton only to see their conspiracy get blown to bits by the…

Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Posts Patriotic Pantsuits Picture http://www.people.com/article/hillary-clinton-joins-instagram-posts-pantsuits-picture

Fox News on Suicide Watch after Marco Rubio Implodes at Debate ~ lol The film is right here to watch. It's precious! "Donald Trump may unintentionally end up making America great again by destroying Fox News."

A new Pew poll on religion and the 2016 campaign revealed devastating news for Republicans as Catholic voters have shifted their support to Hillary Clinton.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch took apart Fox News and their baseless conspiracy that President Obama will protect Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.

From the Secular Talk (Kyle Kulinski) YouTube Channel: Trump's Approval Rating For A New President Is Historically Low

An infectious disease specialist says that having anti-vaccine crusader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lead a vaccine safety panel would be like asking Bernie Madoff to manage the Federal Reserve from his prison cell.

President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton talk prior to the arrival of Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel for the official State Dinner at the White House in Washington, DC, September 16, 1998. (Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images)

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