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My crystal healing poster with suggestions on gemstones the have properties to support bereavement, grief and loss.

Heart Chakra Meditation: I am open to the deep reservoir of love in my heart. I am loving and I am loved! I am thoughtful, compassionate, and committed to the unfolding of others. I take delight and joy in the success of others. I open my heart to embrace the world as one human family. I willingly let go of the past and forgive myself and others. I love!

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5 Steps To Smudge Your House and Clear Bad Energy

Go smudge yourself... if your not too sure if you need it, then we suggest you do it twice or Mmmmmmm three

Reiki: What Really Is It and Why Is It so Powerful?

I've experienced around a dozen types of energy healing, all of which I've found to be incredibly powerful and beneficial. Although I stand by all spiritual work to have incredible potential, I have yet to experience something that surpasses the power of Reiki. Realizing what makes Reiki so unique has been a journey, but it started in my Reiki I class. Feeling intimately connected to the energy, I want to share my insights that might really open your eyes to the infinite capabilities ...

Kundalini - Poster

Kundalini Yoga is a passion of mine. I was introduced to this style of yoga about 1 year and half ago. My mentor is Colin Kim and he changed my life with this style of yoga. The healing benefits alone are spectacular. I want to share this hidden phenomenon with the whole world. *Activate your hidden gems (chokras) and share your light starting with yourself then your family and friends and finally your community.