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It gets dark and Millennium Falcon takes off. There are 2.2 pounds of meat in the fridge, waiting for someone to come and turn them into meatballs. Tonight, we’ll travel on board of our ship at breakneck speed… avoiding a big field of space meatballs! When meatballs are involved, excitement is guaranteed, no doubt about it, I always recommend them.

Mountains of empty heads, skins, meat, loose legs and antennae. We spent the afternoon taking apart prawns, with patience, dissecting, separating all the little pieces carefully to stay with the best they have. Inside a souvenir, a little piece of the sea, we will finish them off to enjoy them and relive a few moments of the day we spent at the beach. The memory is very short, that’s why we're not done with one and we are peeling the following, we can not stop. Of course, with great care...

On the beach We swim and stay on the surface. Everything is clear and light passes through the water creating a thousand turquoise hues, definitely our favorite color. Below, the deep and the dark. No one ventures into the depths, we dare not, only a few brave. They decided that to truly appreciate the turquoise color of the surface must see dark turquoise and dark eternal night at the bottom of the ocean.

Only in a few minutes, at an instant of dawn, is it possible to see the great warehouse of dark and secret matter of the night

In a shack somewhere, a girl thinks… “I haven’t eaten in 8 days, I don’t have water, or the only water I can find is no good; everything is dark, I can’t see the light… Why isn’t any fireman coming to rescue me?.

Tangled 16x20 Lustre Color Print - drawing painting mixed media girl and kites

24th March, 2010, in the Park Everyday should have a park. Actually everyday are a park. Today, it´s crossing by a crowd of people who were like water drops. We are actually made with water and we´re water drops. It was like this the storm in Madrid the evening of 24th March, 2010.

Retiro Park at 5:30 pm, 40 degrees in the shade, the first hour of heat in Madrid. We play at stay in the shade, like when we go down the street only stepping on coloured tiles. From shadow to shadow, with care because they are changing and you could find a dead end. If you step on sun ​​instead of shade, something terrible will happen.

How good it is to navigate. Widths are the days, all sailing tours, there is no space to leave unexplored. If breakfast is important, for lunch one of our pillars of wellbeing. The day is rough, you have to cook and hold the dishes at once. The higher the towers are, more danger there is of them come down. Cream of pumpkin orange, careful not to burn. Turquoise dishes, which is falling!