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Get What You Want: 5 Expert Negotiating Tips | The M Dash | MM.LaFleur

this is not a box...A great idea for a Provocation. Give every child the same box and get them to create a plan for what it could be and then write a story around what they create. This could be an awesome technology unit.

7 Salary-Negotiating Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know

With the richness of his 30 years of negotiation and reading body language experience, Greg Williams is an accomplished author, speaker and trainer recognized worldwide for his knowledge and insight on those subjects. Read the full interview here:

Getting Virtual Teams Right

Anna Parini “Virtual” teams—ones made up of people in different physical locations—are on the rise. As companies expand geographically and as telecommuting becomes more common, work groups often span far-flung offices, shared workspaces, private homes, and hotel rooms. When my firm, Ferrazzi Greenlight, recently surveyed 1,700 knowledge workers, 79% reported working always or frequently in […]

6 Leasing Tips for Nonprofits

Real estate brokers make calls to landlord representatives to locate an array of spaces in the marketplace that are available to fit your needs. Quite often the best space for you has yet to appear on the market but is in the works. Find an expert broker to help you negotiate the best terms possible so you can save money and ensure your lease has the flexibility to accommodate your growth and success as a business.

Costs for starting a counseling practice

How to answer the dreaded 'what are your salary expectations' question

One expert says you should aim high with your salary negotiations, and expect to be negotiated down. If you pitch your salary at £15,000 more than you are actually expecting, and negotiate down to £10,000 more, then the employer feels like they¿ve saved five grand and you¿re still £10,000 up

Your landlord can take steps to evict you for rent arrears if you don't pay the rent for your council, housing association or housing co-op home