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Geocache of the Week: A race against time in Göttingen - BORN (GC5EG96). This D5/T4 geocache cannot be found alone. In fact, you’ll need 10-20 geocachers split into three teams in order to have a chance of finding it. One team stays at “Headquarters”: a location of their choosing, preferably filled with snacks. The other two teams are sent to 45 different locations around the city. At every location there’s a countdown, and all three teams are given a question/puzzle to solve. #IBGCp

Besides the illicit materials, do not put bubbles, soap, or food in a geocache. DO put trading cards, foreign coins, glow sticks, toy farm animals, toy soldiers, toy bugs, plastic rings or any costume jewelry, small compasses, keychains, small LED flashlights, carabiners, matchbox cars, playing cards, small cache containers, small tools, balls, puzzles or games, emergency rain ponchos, small first aid kit, unique cookie cutters, ornaments

Created for the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) 90th Anniversary GC50H3W Near Cold Lake, Alberta

Coffeeboxx Rugged Portable Coffee Maker

COFFEEBOXX Single Serve Portable Coffee Maker by OXX. K-Cup compatible water tank 10 8-oz cups $235

Confessions From a Holiday Camp Movie When camping outdoors it can easily feel as if there are more stars compared with the city as you have virtually no lumination from other places to change your perceptions.