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M Muto: "I love you, baby." G: "Shut up." F Muto: "I love you too, baby." G "Shut up!" M Muto: "Hey, guess what I got for you to put up you-" G:"THAT'S IT!" *later at Hawaii airport* "HEY! LOVER BOY! GUESS WHAT I GOT TO SHOVE UP YOURS!!"

Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game

Godzilla has finally shown up again and the people of this unlucky city are in for a battle. Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game puts monster vs. monster in a

There are few horrors that any filmmaker has ever devised to put onscreen that can match those that face us in the real world and within our own psyches. That's why the language of horror has always been metaphor: vampires for the fearful power of lust and sex, werewolves for the repressed and violent sides of our own natures, and zombies for the slow, unstoppable march of death...