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Morning coffee (28 photos)

Right! So why do we as women jump on the opportunity to judge a little girls outfit, question a mothers judgment, and voice our disapproval? I am her parent and she is beautiful! Sweater n PJ pants or bikini! Don't judge!! Keep your comment to yourself!

Smile :) i make a point of smiling at others, its nice to be nice, smiles are free you dont lose anything so why not share a smile. Tbh i dont always get a smile back but that never stops me from smiling at the next person. Smiling makes you feel happy!!

~Every single one of you. Not a cut on any of those beautiful wrists tonight. No throwing up dinner. No hitting, bruising, burning, purging. None of it. I want you to have a good night. I want to be happy. I love you. Each and every one of you.