Robert Marzano, “A Moving Proposal,” Educational Leadership, April 2012

Charlotte Danielson Framework aligned. This evidence binder includes an editable cover, dividers for each of the four domains, dividers for each of the sub-categories, domain overview and tip sheets outlining suggested artifacts for each of the four domains. This binder is intended to help teachers prepare and get organized for your teacher evaluation. It coordinates with the Danielson Domains, Components, and Elements of the Framework for Teaching. by tereda527

A vast array of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement, collaboration.. #edtech

This would be a very fun activity the first week of school! Teacher says a statement (ex. Switch sides if you like hot dogs more than pizza.) and the students either stay or move. The kids could also talk about why they did/didn't move. Fun back to school ice breaker!

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