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FolderChangesView 1.60 (Click image to go to our download page.) FolderChangesView is a simple tool that monitors the folder or disk drive that you choose and lists every filename that is being modified, created, or deleted while the folder is being monitored. You can use FolderChangesView with any local disk drive or with a remote network share, as long as you have read permission to the selected folder. (click image to read more)

How to Become a Computer Forensic Investigator #Forensic #Forensics #Investigator #Computer #Computers #ForensicsInvestigator #ComputerInvestigator #ECPIUniversity

How to Tell if Your Computer is Vulnerable to Hackers

Do you really know how vulnerable your computer is? It can be difficult to tell, so here are three different things you can check to see just how safe you are from hackers and scammers.

This All-In-One System Rescue Toolkit Has Just the Right Tools to Troubleshoot Your PC

There’s no shortage of system rescue and repair discs you can download and keep handy for when your PC gives you problems, but this one, from reader Paul, is streamlined, simple, and has only a few effective tools on it (and no bloat!)

Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools

Computers are easier to use and more dependable with each new generation of hardware and operating system update, but that doesn't mean they're problem-free. Here's a look at the five most popular tools for troubleshooting your computer problems.

Here are 20 of the best free tools that will help you conduct a digital forensic investigation. Whether it’s for an internal human resources case, an investigation into unauthorized access to a server, or if you just want to learn a new skill, these suites a perfect place to start.