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Teenagers ~ My Chemical Romance... we wererollerblading at the roller rink and this. Came. On. And m friend and I just belted it while we skated it was great

that part in Kitchen Sink always makes me emotional. Because a lot of us have been through that. We're telling others to leave us alone but really, we're waiting for someone to not leave us alone

ANd that is probably why you came to me and treated me like crap. It is also something I feel now about who I am now.

they said "there's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life". I said "leave me alone because I'm alright"

I Was Quiet (Live Life Happy)

I see what you are doing, the way you look at her, the way you write to her, the way you hold to her. Chase whatever your passion is... and leave me alone.