A handy to have DIY- Sew a Cuddle® Back Seat Saver - protect your car seat from kids and pets and crumbs and pet hair! Made with comfy Cuddle and notions from Fairfield. Sewing tutorial by @PiecesByPolly with @fairfieldworld

**The photos above (with the exception of my own) are borrowed from the product listings. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for links to each "staple" patterns pictured above.

This blog post gives you 10 common sewing mistakes that make your garment look homemade, which is not a good thing. HANDmade doesn't have to look HOMEmade. Sew clothes you'll be proud to put your name on by eliminating these 10 mistakes.

The easiest example I have found to make your own crib sheets without doing a casing. You would cut the fabric to 70 x 45 for a standard crib.

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