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I wish everyone would let me be; let me have fun on my own. I'm so sick of people telling me what's fun and what's not. So what if I would rather have a girls night in than go to a frat party? They're not fun unless you're drunk too, which I will NOT do.

I simply want to be the best version of for me. Living on my true life's path. Better times are coming. Just believe.

Mum's here -- Newt Scamander, aka mother of dragons

Moonlight Sonata listening, waiting, for your safe return home. I miss you severely, and rely upon bitter sweet memories meeting, greeting, only to say goodbye. Tonight a full moon brings you full circle to finally arrive and leave my arms no longer. Together, we go forward as one, never to separate individually ever again. You are my life and I am yours. You complete me and somehow I do the same for you!

I would like to, but have learned that those who I would like to depend on are not always there.

You Need To Stop Waiting For Someone To Come And Save You. You Need To Stop Relying On People For Your Happiness, Because Let's Face It, People Fucking Leave And You're Left With Nothing. Why Don't You Stand The Fuck Up And Save Yourself? Be Your Own Damn Hero. Be Your Own Reason To Smile!