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HOW TO APPLY RETINOIDS. Retinoids can help: 1) Boost your skin's collagen turnover to help fight wrinkles and skin aging 2) Increase epidermal cell turnover to brighten your complexion and to help prevent clogged pores, which is one of the key steps credited to starting acne 3) Even out uneven pigment in sun spots and melasma Reverse the early steps in pre-cancer and skin cancer cell formation

All Natural Beauty Products to Get your Skin Ready for Valentine's Day! Bar soaps made with gentle hypoallergenic and organic ingredients, natural sunscreen...

Give the gift of great skin this holiday season! This holiday gift guide from dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey will have your friends and family glowing with appreciation (and radiant skin!)

People are generally aware how to treat dry skin on their body but may not know how to treat their dry nose.

18 Cat Products That Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

This feeding station with a cat grass nook. | 18 Cat Products That Won't Cramp Your Home's Style

Dr Cynthia Bailey discusses the great topic about how to build the best complete acne skin care routine for sensitive skin in low humidity and dry climates.

Retinol plus a broad spectrum sunscreen are the most effective anti-aging skin care choice you can make

Struggling with Dry Skin? Try Dr. Bailey's Hydrating Skin Care Regime! 1) Wash with Toleriane 2) Tone with Naturally Hydrating Facial Toner, 3) Hydrate the skin with Instantly Luminous Multi-action Serum,4) Protect the skin with Green Tea Antioxidant skin Therapy, and 5) Finish your regime with a layer of SunTegrity. All of these products are available at

"Melting" Vases Blur the Line Between Strength and Fragility

Designer Erik Olovsson of Studio E.O juxtaposes smooth, rounded vessels of hand-blown glass against clear-cut geometric slabs of patterned stone.

Looking for a way to hydrate and illuminate dry and dull skin? Look no further!