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The Christian fish was once a symbol used to mark places where believers could meet in secret because doing so was illegal ><> Thankfully we now have freedom of worship and religion, so this tattooed cowboy can show it off as long as he likes.

Afternoon eye candy: Hot Cowboys, y’all (32 photos)

Hello guys how are you? My name is Vicky and i am from Greece. Yeah this historic country in Mediterranean sea!!!Feel free to read my ideas , vote and comment! I am a blogger at and my second new blog is Don't hesitate to become friends!...

I live on a ranch in Utah for now, but I'm gonna move. I've got another ranch to move to, but its location is a secret. When I get there, I'm gonna plow the road in behind me. ~Wilford Brimley

Keep your pretty city boys. I'd rather have my redneck country boy any day. #cowboy #countryboy #relationshipquotes #lifefactquotes #countrythang #countrythangquotes #countryquotes #countrysayings

i want a sweet country boy who will treat me right go huntin and fishin with me take me muddin and take a back road with the counrty music cranked

With a country boy, THERE'S THREE THINGS YOU DON'T MESS WITH: his hat, his truck, and his girlfriend. - Witty Profiles Quote 6233068