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Stainless Steel Dragon Scales Top This Historic Paris Office

A large office complex on the banks of river Seine has been extended by an amenities wing. In a project of glass micro-architecture the lobby has been re-designed also.

The systems and wood frameworks are gauged, studied, manufactured and installed by MATHIS. They provide highly innovative solutions in office real-estate, industrial buildings, logistics, sports and educational facilities and more. In the course of its 135-year history, the company has acquired outstanding experience in wood-working, which it continuously strives to enhance by developing new ranges of products and construction systems.

Fernand POUILLON Architecte hors du commun, bâtisseur de villes, franc-tireur à la personnalité inclassable et pour certains paradoxale, Fernand Pouillon se revendiquait “Maître d’œuvre” attaché à la tradition, tout en révolutionnant les modes de production de l’habitat : de leur financement aux équipements domestiques, en passant par les bureaux d’études et les procédés constructifs.