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How I feel. If only I had had ppl around me like me then I would be so much happier. Only one can wish

Dan and Phil aka Troy Bolton! (It took me a while to get it....just look carefully....or maybe im just being a massive dork again)

I just need to fix my angry mouth. I can't even be around my family, anymore. My one brother and one sister are the only family I have that respects me and has always treated me well. Because I did the same for them? I have gone out of my way, all my life, to treat people well. Is it my fault I the majority of people in my life turned out to really be jerks? If I had the choice, I would've preferred not to be made, at all. Alone is OK. Lonely, all your life? Not OK.

One monkey on baby quilt. @Gabriela Wäfler Wäfler Schuetze @Sher Ree West Schuetze @Kaitlin MacInnis Schuetze ... This makes me think of Aiden! Although, unless a wall hanging, I wouldn't put buttons on a baby quilt! #chokinghazard

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