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DNA May Have Had Humble Beginnings As Nutrient Carrier

Atrapado un "sospechoso habitual" de la leucemia más común

Atrapado un sospechoso habitual de la leucemia más común

Mothers' diets before pregnancy could have lifelong effects on babies'

A mother’s diet before becoming pregnant can alter the way her newborn baby’s genes function, potentially leading to “permanent, lifelong effects”

Physics in a nutshell!! Physics Formula Cheat Sheet.

Un petit pense-bête pour retenir les formules de physique?

Physics in a nutshell!! Physics Formula Cheat Sheet.

To fulfill its revolutionary promise, the gene-editing technique will need to be edited.

Surprisingly, a DNA enzyme, or DNAzyme, had never been visualized before this year because researchers had been unable to crystallize this type of catalyst. The feat comes thanks to a team led by Claudia Höbartner and Vladimir Pena of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, who reported the structure of a DNAzyme called 9DB1, which specializes in stitching together RNA strands. The new structure could enable more rational design of single-stranded DNAzymes for biomedical use

A Rapid and Low-Cost PCR Thermal Cycler for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

The Y chromosome: beyond gender determination

Supercoiled chromosome of E. coli. | Learn Science at Scitable Picture taken by Dr Ruth Kavenoff #microscopy #dnaday16